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"Experience Compassionate Mental Support with SayHey's Empathetic Listening Service"

Being able to copy with life's difficulties is not easy, and people behind sayHey knows this very well. Our empathetic listening services is aimed at creating the confortable environment for those who are suffering from Students academic stress, loneliness, family issues as a parent or child, relationship problems, anger management disorder, introvert personality problem; struggle with alcohol and other mental issues. Our compassionate and trained empathetic listeners are there for you as a listening ear to guarantee that you do not walk alone in the journey of you attainment of better mental well-being.

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How SayHey's Empathetic Listening Service Works

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Choose Anonymity

Feel free to let out your thoughts and feelings while keeping your identity anonymous. We offer confidentiality and anonymity of our empathetic Listening service so you feel safe within it.

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Select Your Listener

To choose an empathetic listener whose profile appeals to you, navigate through our listeners' profiles. Each listener is taught to provide the specific support for your individual needs.

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Connect via Phone/Online

Click-to-call or our confidential online platform to connect with your selected empathic listener. We want to make obtaining support easy and available.

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Guided Conversations

Turn to a empathetic listener and have meaningful conversations with them. They are present to listen, comprehend and advise you, making you feel appreciated and encouraged.

The Power of Empathetic Listening at SayHey

We at sayHey ensure that therapist and online counseling for students are provided to a specialized needs to our students. Students are faced with different challenges during their journey, such as study pressure, academic pressure, and academic parental pressure. Sayhey is here to help you overcome them, so that you can succeed.

Non-Judgmental Support

We offer an open space for you to talk freely without the fear of judgment; as empathetic listeners.

non-judgment support


Rest assured that you talks remain confidential. Our utmost concern is your privacy.

Personalized Guidance

Have customized counseling and coping approaches that are unique to your scenerio.

personalized guidance

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Share your thoughts and feelings to begin your journey towards mental well-being.

What Our Users Say About SayHey's Empathetic Listening

"sayHey saved me from my loneliness during a difficult period in life. I was connected with an empathetic listener who did not just support, but care deeply. It is as if someone was my friend who does not judge me. "I just couldn't even say how much it has helped my mental health."

- Rachel M.

"As a student facing severe study stress, I turned to sayHey and it was one of the best moves I took. The empathetic listener offered very helpful advice that would help me deal with the pressure during my coursework effectively within the convenience of an app on my phone allowing easy accordingly to support when required."

- Arjun S.

"At first, I was reluctant to open up about my struggles but sharing anonymously with sayHey changed everything. The empathetic listener who connected with me took time and understood my situation without any judgement." It felt like lifting a heavy load knowing there is someone out there who genuinely hears and cares about what's going honestly.

- Priya R.

"sayHey's empathetic listening servies does more than talking. The support that I received was tailored to my own unique issues and it made me feel reassured knowing that there is a place like sayHey where people will offer such caring listeners who want to help you make your way through life."

- Rajesh K.

Connect with an Empathetic Listener Now

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Frequently Asked Questions about Empathetic Listening

Privacy is an important aspect at SayHey. Select to stay anonymous and be sure that your personal data stays private. Our platform is developed so that we provide you with a space where you could share your thoughts and feelings openly and without any worries about revealing your identity.
Absolutely. Our empathetic listeners undergo rigorous training to ensure they are well-equipped to offer meaningful support. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring a range of skills and experiences to the table. You can trust that our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance tailored to your unique needs.
SayHey's empathetic listening service is here to support you across a wide range of topics and challenges. Whether you're dealing with study stress, loneliness, parenting issues, relationship concerns, anger management, or any other mental health-related problem, our empathetic listeners are here to listen and provide guidance. Feel free to discuss any topic that is on your mind.
We offer flexibility in how you connect with our empathetic listeners. You can choose between traditional phone calls or connect with a listener through our secure online platform. Whether you prefer the familiarity of a call or the convenience of an online conversation, our goal is to make our empathetic listening service accessible to you in the way that suits you best.
SayHey is dedicated to ensuring mental health support is within reach for everyone. While certain services may have associated costs, we provide a range of options to meet diverse needs, including a FREE platform to connect with anonymous individuals through open chat. The SayHey app, accessible on the Play Store, offers convenient access to empathetic listening.
We offer flexibility in how you connect with our empathetic listeners. You can choose between traditional phone calls, connect through our secure online platform on our website, or enhance your experience by downloading the SayHey app from the Play Store. Our goal is to make our empathetic listening service accessible to you in the way that suits you best.

Let's Share, Heal & Grow together

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Best Mental Health App & Website
Best Mental Health App & Website
Best Mental Health App & Website

PS: sayHey is not an emergency care service. For urgent help, call at national mental health helpline 1800-599-0019.


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