Privacy Policy of SayHey


SayHey provides an online platform through its website, application and other products for its User to say hey to their mental health. SayHey, through its services, provide the User with an online platform where the User can avail consultation with a professional who is an expert in the field of mental health, and with the forum, the User can interact with fellow Users and also raise questions/ queries, and the fellow Users can respond to the questions/ queries whereby productive Information relating to mental health are exchanged, and access wide range of products as advertised on the website or application of SayHey.

Why this Policy

·       The types of information collected from the User, including Personal Information (as discussed in this policy.)

·       The types of information collected from the Wellness Professional (as discussed in this policy.)

·       Personal Information means any information, directly or indirectly associated with a natural personal or in combination with other information and is likely available to a body corporate. Personal Information includes but is not limited to name, phone number, emergency contact number, gender, occupation, hometown, personal interests, your email address, passwords, financial information, medical health condition, medical records, biometric information and communication details.

·       The motive, means, methods of collecting, processing, using and retaining such information.

·       How and to whom sayHey will disclose information.

 About the Policy

At SayHey, we are committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the Information that the User entrusts with us. SayHey Privacy Policy outlines the policy pertaining to the collection, use and disclosure of Information collected from its User. The Privacy Policy of SayHey is made in compliance with various norms such as the Information Technology Act, 2000, Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or Information) Rules, 2011, Telemedicine practical guideline,2020 and all other applicable norms of the Government of India. In order to guarantee privacy to the Client, we maintain the Client’s anonymity and work in accordance with confidentiality policies to ensure that all personal and health Information received is maintained, transmitted and store in a highly secure environment. However, in the event that any services are provided by a third party on the websites of SayHey or where the User clicks on a third-party link and is redirected to the third parties websites or application, then SayHey will not be liable for any loss incurred to the User from the transmission of Users data. Similarly, the data received from the mental health professional are maintained and stored in a highly secure environment. However, it is recommended that the User and the Wellness Professional should not use the website, application(s) or related Services, if the terms of this Privacy Policy are not in accordance with the applicable laws of your country.


·       Company:

SayHey,, Company, Firm, we, our, us, Service Provider or any other similar terminology are all in reference to SayHey, which is a product of KMR & Friends Pvt. Ltd., and for this policy, is deemed to be a provider of Services.

·       User:

User, Client, you, your or any other terminology used in this document are all in reference to the User who avails the services of SayHey through its website, application(s) or any other services provided by SayHey.

·       Wellness Professional

Wellness Professional, Mental health professional, therapist, expert, doctor, or any other terminology used under this policy are all in reference to the qualified Psychologist or Mental Health Practitioner.

·       Platform

Platform, forum, social media site or any other terminologies used are all in reference to any application or website which is developed, owned by SayHey and is provided to the User and wellness professionals.


By using the platform, providing us with your Personal Information or by, making use of the features provided by the platform or by making a payment to SayHey, you hereby provide your consent to the collection, storage, processing, disclosure and transfer of your personal Information in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. The User acknowledges that he is providing Personal Information out of his free will, either directly to SayHey or through a third party or your organization. If you do not provide us with your Personal Information at any point in time, we shall have the option to not fulfil the purposes for which the said Personal Information was sought, and we may restrict your use of the platform.

By registering with the platform of SayHey, the wellness health professional expressly gives consent to SayHey to collect, store, process disclosure and transfer personal Information pertaining to their professional background. And SayHey, at its discretion, is authorized to disclose the educational background and experience of the mental health professional in any type of advertisement or promotional event of SayHey as wellness professionals are the brand ambassadors of SayHey.


Providing consultation in the field of mental health is a flagship service of SayHey, under which the registered User can avail of a consultation from a wellness professional. To avail of this service of SayHey, the User needs to register with the platform and provide SayHey and/or Wellness Professional with past medical reports, personal details and all such other details as required for the smooth functioning of this service. During the consultation process between the User and the wellness, professional SayHey will not interfere nor will record, store, or transmit any data relating to the consultation session held between the User and the wellness professional; however, for better functioning of the service or the application, the statistic relating to the session could be used by SayHey or any third party hired by SayHey for this purpose. The Wellness Professional can record and store any details of the User that the Wellness Professional deems fit and necessary for giving sound medical advice to the User; he is permitted to share such details of the User with another Wellness Professional who is registered with SayHey for providing the User with the best possible service. On de-registration of the Wellness Professional from the platform of SayHey, the Wellness Professional is required to delete all such data collected and is in his possession relating to any consultation service provided to the User and is barred from using any data received from any consultation.

Personal Information collected from the User

To enable the User to engage and enjoy all the benefits of our Services, SayHey will use Personal Information about the User as provided directly or by a third party or the User’s organization. The data received by SayHey will be used to contact and identify Users, such as your name, phone number, emergency contact number, gender, occupation, hometown, personal interests, your email address, reason(s) for cancelling an appointment with a wellness professional, medical history and any other information that the Wellness Professional might require from the User. Further SayHey can also collect Information that the User provides from responses, in-app inputs, assessments or the feedback you send to SayHey. If the Users communicate with SayHey by email or phone, any information provided in such communication may be collected as Personal Information (“Personal Information”).

The main reason we collect this Personal Information is to provide you with a smooth, efficient and customized experience. The collection of Personal Information also enables the User to create an account and profile that can be used to interact with our wellness professionals. You may change some of the Information that you provide through your account page on the website or profile details for the application(s). You shall be solely responsible in order to safeguard the credentials of your account and in the event you have any knowledge of your account being misused, you shall inform SayHey immediately.

We may use your Personal Information mainly to identify the User of our products, to raise and resolve the billing regarding the services provided by us, to aid the ancillary functions as required for the smooth functioning of the website or the application, to analyze the use of the User and accordingly provide them with Information relating to product, services and newsletter, for the smooth functioning of consultation service, Make disclosure to authority as and when required by the law, and for any other purpose as SayHey deem fit in accordance to the laws applicable in India.

Your Information might be used by Wellness Professionals and our application algorithms as it is necessary to better assess the health condition and provide the User with the most suitable counselling service or digital experience. The Personal Information duly collected under this policy is safely handled by the Wellness Professional working with the User and may be normally shared with other Wellness Professionals registered on the SayHey platform to provide the User with the best possible service. However, there may be certain occasions when SayHey and/or Wellness Professionals use third-party tools to tailor the counselling sessions and in-application experience. In such a scenario, only minimal Information is required to be shared with others or the third party.

Professional Information collected from wellness professionals

Wellness professionals are the brand ambassadors of SayHey as the majority of SayHey services depends upon the qualification and skills of such wellness professional, and therefore, it is important that SayHey has data relating to Wellness Professional store with them. The data received by SayHey will be used to contact and identify Users, such as your name, phone number, emergency contact number, gender, occupation, hometown, personal interests, your email address, educational background and past work experience and any other information as required by SayHey. Further SayHey is authorize to collect such Information that the Wellness Professional provides as a response to any in-application inputs, assessments, and feedback and if necessary SayHey can share such data with a third party for better and smooth functioning of services. If the Wellness Professional communicates with SayHey by email or phone, any information provided in such communication may be collected as Personal Information (“Personal Information”).

SayHey may use the data received from the Wellness Professional to identify them, resolve any payment regarding consultation provided to the User, For the smooth functioning of the services relating to consultation, for promotion or any advertisement activity, for any other function as SayHey deem fit and is required under the applicable laws.

The Information which is stored and used by us and/or our application algorithms for providing a better experience to various Users will be deleted as and when the concerned Wellness Professional deregister from the platform of SayHey.

Updating Personal Information on the platform

The User or Wellness Professional can update or correct the personal Information by using the option available on the website or application of SayHey, or if they have any grievance with respect to the processing, the aggrieved party may communicate the same to SayHey on its email id SayHey will take all reasonable efforts to incorporate the changes within a reasonable period of time. However, if the User has joined the platform by registering to any third party site, then in such scenarios, the update of the personal details needs to be intimated to SayHey by such a third party.

Login Data of the User of the website or application

Whosoever visit the SayHey platform, the platform automatically records the Information pertaining to the browser detail and IP address of the device, and such application may send data( hereinafter “login data”). The login data includes the device name, the operating system of the device, the configuration of the device, the browsing history of the device and all other statistics. SayHey only collects, store and use this data to analyze the trend, administer the platform, track location and gather broad demographic Information for aggregate use. So that SayHey could increase User-friendliness and tailor our Services to better suit your needs.


SayHey maintains strict confidentiality of all Information disclosed on its platforms by the User and wellness professional, and such Information is not shared with anyone; however, under certain exceptions, SayHey needs to breach confidentiality, they are as follows:

  • The Wellness Professional or SayHey perceives there to be a serious and/or significant and/or imminent risk of harm to the health or safety of a person or the public or self.
  • Disclosure as required for compliance with the law in force or any direction by any government authority.
  • When on the consent of the User, the insurance company requires Information for approving the insurance claim of such User.

All staff members of SayHey, including all wellness professionals, employees, contracted professionals or trainees, are required to follow this confidentiality policy, and if required SayHey may have direct such parties to sign other agreements.


SayHey uses cookies for the purpose of collecting Information and providing a smooth experience of services available on the platform of SayHey. SayHey, through its cookie, transfers a small data file to the device’s hard disk only for record-keeping purposes. We use cookies to save the User credentials for future use of our services and to better understand and monitor the use of the User on our platform and online traffic routing on the Services. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are deleted from your computer when you log off from the Services and then close your browser. We may work with third parties that place or read cookies on your browser to improve your experience. However, the User can instruct his browser to stop accepting cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. If you do not accept cookies, however, you may not be able to use all features or functionalities of our platform.


On the SayHey platform there is a segment where Users can raise questions and fellow Users can respond to such questions (hereinafter referred to as “forum”). While using this facility of SayHey, users must comply with the forum guideline of SayHey Terms and Conditions. <<Provide a hyperlink to Terms and conditions of SayHey>>

In case if any content of User does not comply with the guidelines of SayHey then such content will be deleted from the forum of SayHey and if required, SayHey will take all necessary legal action as permitted by the laws of country.

SayHey strongly advises the User to take necessary precaution while sharing any confidential or Personal Information on the forum with fellow Users. Any such sharing by the User on the forum and subsequent use or misuse of User’s confidential or Personal Information by fellow User(s) shall not be the liability of SayHey. Also, if any User posts confidential or personal information on the forum and incurs any losses, then SayHey or Wellness Professional will not be held liable.

SayHey or Wellness Professional shall not be held liable for any content or messages posted on the forum by the User, fellow Users. The User cannot recover any damages from SayHey for this service and no suit can be filed against SayHey regarding the same service.

Third Party Disclosure

SayHey pledges to protect the Information of its Users and will not knowingly participate in selling or trade of the Users Personal Information to third parties unless a prior written notice is provided to the Users. This does not apply to any storage, transfer from servers or website hosting partners who assist SayHey in the successful operation of the SayHey platform for conducting our business. We may release User information if required to comply with the law.

Third Party Advertisement link:

The platform of SayHey may contain advertisements and redirect links to third party websites. It is not mandatory that such third party websites are under any control of SayHey. It is further advised by SayHey to the User to read the privacy policy of third party websites before engaging with such third party websites. SayHey will not be held responsible for any loss of User’s data to the third party, and no damages can be claimed from SayHey.

Payment Gateway

The platform of SayHey charges its User a predetermined amount as fees for availing of its services. The same fees are to be paid online by using third party websites or applications. The payment gateway of these third party websites might capture some details of the User as they are required to comply with the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India or other applicable laws applicable in India. SayHey would not be liable for any loss, store, or transmit any personal data of the User while using such payment gateway website.

Deletion of Personal Data

 sayHey shall retain such information for as long as the User uses the services of sayHey, and thereafter, sayHey shall continue to retain information for such period as it may be lawful and is required under any provisions of laws. After sometime, Users data may be compiled and may be held by sayHey for such period as required to deliver proactive services to Users, however such use by sayHey will be for analysis purpose only.

Age of the User

The services of SayHey are designed for Users of all age groups. However, the User must be above the age of 13 years or the age of majority in your province, territory or country to register as a User on the SayHey platform. If the User is below the age of 13 years, then the User may avail of the services or products of SayHey only with the involvement and consent of a parent or legal guardian, as some services of SayHey could create financial liability to pay on the User.


SayHey has employed security measures to safeguard and protect Information from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. Any process of storing, using, and transmitting personal data will be done through the system and processes with industry standards in information privacy and security. None of the calls or video sessions are recorded. In keeping with professional standards, Wellness Professionals might be required to maintain records of both online and offline sessions. We strongly advise the User that despite the security measure undertaken by SayHey, we discourage Users from posting any personal information in the forum, and if such Information is rendered, the User will not hold SayHey liable for any issue arising from data security. 

Changes To The Privacy Policy of SayHey

SayHey reserves all the right to amend or remove any part of the Privacy Policy without notice or liability to any third party. In the event of any significant changes in the privacy policy, the same would be amended under the privacy policy section of SayHey. SayHey may take reasonable efforts but are under no obligation to send the change notice to the User through email. If any User has an objection to the amended privacy policy and no longer wishes to use the platform, then such User shall contact SayHey to discontinue the use of the SayHey platform and deactivate the account only if the account is registered directly with us. Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all Information that SayHey has about you and your account. Using the Services on the websites, application(s) or accessing the websites, application(s) after a notice of change has been sent to you or published on our website shall constitute your consent to the changed terms.

Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

In the event of any dispute arising between SayHey, the User or the wellness professional, then in such a scenario, the parties agree to resolve the dispute primarily through arbitration with an arbitration bench seated in Mumbai, with the presence of a sole Arbitrator which shall be selected by SayHey and the costs shall be borne by each party involved. If the dispute is not resolved through arbitration, then through court establishment situated in Mumbai, India, will have exclusive jurisdiction.