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Take a free course with us and embark on a journey to discover just how much you can earn by harnessing the power of listening and empathy in your practice. We understand that psychology is not just a profession; it's a passion.

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Expertly curated by a team of distinguished therapists, and mental health experts, our platform reflects their profound global experience.

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Sharing with a mental health therapist is vital for well-being, fostering connection and combating stigma. It involves opening up and creating awareness through safe spaces, support groups, & online communities.

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Receive evidence-based therapies and support from our Mental Health Counseller on your healing journey. Gain valuable resources, strategies, and address systemic issues affecting mental health.

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Our Mental Health App goes beyond symptom management, fostering growth. Discover new skills, self-care techniques, and advocate for mental wellness legislation driving positive societal change.
Best Mental Health App & Website

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We provide everything you need to give your mind the care and attention it deserves.

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Our 30-minute courses promote growth and skill enhancement in therapeutic practice. We ensure your development as a practitioner and individual, fostering differentiation while addressing concerns. This structured, ongoing support prioritizes autonomy, self-reflection, and analytical understanding.

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It’s never easy to open up. But it’s important to. So come SayHey anonymously and let out everything that’s been troubling you. No one will ever know it was you.

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Everyone feels alone sometimes. But you don’t have to be. Just SayHey and you’ll find people who are on a similar life journey to yours.

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Best Mental Health App & Website
Best Mental Health App & Website
Best Mental Health App & Website

PS: sayHey is not an emergency care service. For urgent help, call at national mental health helpline 1800-599-0019.


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